High quality video transcoding in the cloud

Fast and powerful encoding for your media workflow

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Optimized for high quality. Easy to set up.

The best video encoding quality for all formats & codecs.

We've built an extensive set of encoding profiles for all major formats to ensure the output is optimized for the highest quality. H.264, H.265, WEBM or Sony XDCAM - we've got it covered.

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Easy yet powerful API with 99.99% Service Level Agreement

Automate your workflows & integrate your application with Telestream Cloud through our REST API. We support all major programing languages and there's extensive documentation to get started easily.

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Vantage Integration into Telestream Cloud

The Vantage Platform is now integrated into Telestream Cloud, giving customers a path to cloud transcoding services. Vantage jobs can be forwarded within Vantage workflows; status is tracked and output media location is reported in Vantage.

See Vantage data sheet for more

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for multiple devices

Reach any audience, anywhere with Adaptive Bitrate protocols - iOS HLS, MPEG-DASH. Add AES-128 encryption for security.

Unlimited scalability with Google Cloud

We run on state-of-the art Google infrastructure providing rock solid performance for either startup or the enterprise. We scale with you to meet all of your encoding needs.

Encoding millions of videos daily

Here are some of the companies who rely on Telestream Cloud. Start your free trial today.

For content creators and video producers, Telestream Cloud encoding cloud service is easy to use, scales quickly, and allows you to collocate your video files with your other cloud services across multiple cloud storage options.

The service provides high quality output in most formats to meet the needs of:

  • Small businesses
  • Houses of worship
  • Digital marketing
  • Education
  • Nonprofits

For media professionals who utilize video transcoding heavily in their business like:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Online broadcasters
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • OTT service provider for media streaming
  • Boutique post production studios

Telestream Cloud provides the scalability to address peak demand times and encoding requirements for large files. For video pros who work in:

  • Broadcast networks
  • Broadcast news or sports
  • Cable service providers
  • Large post production houses

Telestream Cloud is a complementary service to the Vantage platform. During peak demand times, cloud service can offset the work load. The service also allows easy collaboration of projects across multiple sites or remote locations.

Fast and powerful encoding for your media workflow

You’re signing up for a free trial. Output files are trimmed to 10 seconds and watermarked.