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Priority on Clouds and Select/Deselect all profiles

Two new exciting features to tell you about this week! Some of you may have noticed while using our GUI of Panda – we are on a roll with new features and improvements. This week we are bringing priority on which cloud, and select and deselect all on profiles.

Priority on Clouds

priority-cloudsPanda has been built as FIFO – First In First Out, and we encode most of your videos this way. But sometimes you have some more important videos that you need to jump the queue with.

Now with priority on clouds the videos that you need encoded asap are processed outside of the queue. Any videos uploaded to that cloud will be encoded before any other video uploaded previously.

We’ve configured this to be a little flexible, as there are three settings: Low, Normal, and High. You can build a hierarchy to get important videos delivered quick, and others just when there’s availability.

Remember, you can upload files up to 20GB in size, so maybe make those larger size videos low priority, and the small ones high priority.


Select and Deselect all Profiles

This one is pretty straight forward – if you have a number of profiles in your cloud you will be able to select/deselect all of them with one click. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick the ones you don’t want instead of selecting them manually, one by one. Just small tweak to make life easier.