Video encoding with all the benefits of the cloud

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Telestream Cloud comes with all these great features

Aspera FASP Support

Support for Aspera FASP high speed transport protocol, hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP Take advantage of Aspera’s ability to securely and quickly transfer large video files significantly reducing overall processing time.

Motion compensated FPS conversion

Cloud based motion compensated frame rate conversion leveraging Telestream technology end expertise. Use more advanced approach to frame rate conversion to meet broadcasting requirements across multiple geographical locations without sacrificing quality.

Advanced Services

Handle more complex and demanding tasks with Vantage encoding engine in the cloud. Advanced Services in Telestream Cloud combine the scalability and flexibility of a cloud based solution with market leading high-end capabilities of Vantage platform.

GPU Accelerated Encoding

Using GPU instances for encoding is particularly beneficial when high parallel processing capability is required. Leveraging the NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) to access the high performance H.264 hardware video encoders Telestream Cloud process your files up to 10 times faster.

5x Faster Uploads

Higher upload speed with parallel multi-chunk uploader that fully utilizes network bandwidth available to you. This way we’re significantly reducing time needed to start the actual encoding process, even for large files.

VP9 & Opus Support

Full support for VP9 (all 4 profiles), an open and royalty free video coding format developed by Google as an alternative for H.265 (HEVC). Available with Opus and Vorbis audio codecs.


LiveSync is the easiest way to integrate with Telestream Cloud. We will monitor your specified AWS S3 source bucket and anytime you add a new file to it we will encode it automatically to all output profiles assigned to the factory. No need to write code or make an API call.

Vantage Integration

The Vantage Platform is now integrated into Telestream Cloud, giving customers a path to cloud transcoding services. Vantage jobs can be forwarded within Vantage workflows; status is tracked and output media location is reported in Vantage.

See Vantage data sheet for more

Screenflow Publish to Telestream Cloud

Direct publishing to Telestream Cloud with the release of Screenflow 6. Export from ScreenFlow to Telestream Cloud, and then create as many versions and formats of your video as you need.


With H.265 support Telestream Cloud can be your encoding platform of choice for Ultra HD/4K video

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Multiple storage options

Pick the cloud space where we should send your encoded files. You can choose between Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace or FTP servers.

Telestream Cloud API

Automate your workflow and integrate your app with Telestream Cloud through our REST API. We support all major programing languages and there is extensive documentation to get you started easily.

Cloud driven scalability

From a startup to the enterprise, Telestream Cloud scales with you. And you can always add extra encoders on the fly with MegaBurst Turbo without changing your monthly subscription.

Apple ProRes Support

Telestream Cloud is the only transcoding service to offer Apple authorized ProRes video output. Certified ProRes presets deliver high quality video files that conform to Apple standards and ensure trouble free, cost efficient post production on Apple’s Final Cut Pro platform for professional media workflows.

Deliver in HD quality

Encode your videos to work in any browser, with any player, on any device. From the smartphone to the big screen, your video will always look gorgeous in 1080p HD quality.

Adaptive Bitrate HLS

Telestream Cloud supports Apple HLS, primary adaptive bitrate streaming protocol that dynamically adjusts the bitrate to match the connecting device. It's also supported by majority of Android devices.


MPEG-Dash is a fresh but quickly emerging adaptive bitrate solution offering extra benefits - Common Encryption, Multiple DRM support, live and time-shift at playback. Embrace it early with Telestream Cloud.

Encoding region choice

Reduce transfer times and choose whether you want your video to be encoded in the USA or in Europe.


Upload your logo and we’ll automatically watermark your entire video collection. Does it get any easier? You can also add timestamp with one click.

Capture thumbnails

Take stills from your video exactly where you mean to. Our capture profiles allow to grab images from anywhere within the video timeline for use as thumbnails.

Slow motion

Create smooth slow motion videos without a dedicated camera and make them even more compelling

Resumable upload

Connection issues when uploading video? No problem, we will resume uploading at the same point should anything go wrong.

Broad format support

We support all major video and audio formats including H.264, H.265, WEBM, AAC, OGG, MP3, FLV, MP4 and many more.

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How does Telestream Cloud work?

  • User creates account, selects subscripton
  • Creates “factory” to define output presets and storage locations
  • Submits source file through UI or API
  • Encoding job is created
  • Output files are delivered to defined storage location
  • Payments by credit card or account

Fast and powerful encoding for your media workflow

You’re signing up for a free trial. Output files are trimmed to 10 seconds and watermarked.