Enabling Future-Proof Media Processing

Telestream Cloud provides a full range of media processing services including transcoding, workflow automation, timed text transcription and quality assurance.


Easily produce high quality content for a variety
of applications with fast and cost effective transcoding in the cloud.


Meet the requirements of the media & entertainment industry with advanced media processing and workflow automation powered by Vantage.​​

Timed Text Speech

Instantly create highly accurate captions and subtitles with Machine Learning based speech to text technology.

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High quality encoding


High volume SaaS transcoding in the cloud with focus on best video encoding quality for variety of formats.
  • eliminate infrastructure costs and need for maintenance work on your side with fully managed solution available in multiple regions to reduce latency during ingest and delivery costs
  • faster time to market with highly scalable service that easily handles changes in encoding volume
  • streamline and manage encoding of large file volumes with the help of easy yet powerful REST API
  • high quality and cost effective Standards Conversion with Tachyon
Scalability Encoding in the cloud


Complex media transformation utilizing Vantage technology components to meet high-end requirements of media & entertainment industry..​
  • collection of industry standard workflows such as DPP and IMF content creation​
  • customized workflows supporting​ standards conversion, time adjustments, captioning, automated content production, metadata processing, analysis, delivery and more​
  • API driven interface for easy jobs automation​​
Many conversion options

Timed Text Speech

Auto-transcription service that uses cloud-based processing and artificial intelligence for automated captioning.
  • save time and reduce costs by automatically creating a text transcript of your media using speech-to-text technology
  • improve transcription accuracy using your existing corpus files with domain specific vocabulary
  • integrated with CaptionMaker and MacCaption providing an all-in-one transcription-captioning/subtitling tool.
LiveSync encoding and Vantage workflows

Quality Assurance

Automated Quality Assurance SaaS for file based media that allows to run checks of file, video and audio parameters as well as video and audio quality, legality and correctness.
  • reduce costs and risk of poor quality content by making automated QA part of the ingest and transcoding process
  • easily deliver content that meets required specifications using our templates that include DPP UK, ZDF ARD, Netflix, iTunes, PSE and many more
  • test your media for audio-video synchronization issues using deep learning and AI technology with Lip-Sync

For content creators, providers and video producers, Telestream Cloud combines powerful media processing capabilities with the flexibility of the cloud

Globally Distributed
Physically distributed infrastructure across multiple regions and vendors reduces risk of failure and ensures business continuity. Cut down on file transfer times and process media closest to your cloud storage or CDN and benefit from faster time to market
Highly Scalable
State-of-the art infrastructure from leading Cloud providers ensures rock solid performance with instant and virtually unlimited scalability on multiple platforms - AWS, Google, Microsoft. Easily handle handle peaks and lulls in production demand - whether it's 5 or 5000 files.
Fully Managed
Managed solution that scales seamlessly while eliminating infrastructure costs and need for maintenance work on your side. Cloud turns media processing into an operating expense with no up front capital investments in new hardware, software or networking equipment.