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Customer Spotlight: Artplayer

At Panda, we have some truly great customers and are always interested to see how they’re integrating Panda with their apps and sites.

Artplayer is a unique online video platform aiming to showcase the best video content from the UK arts industry. In addition to a desktop and mobile web presence, Artplayer offers mobile apps, exclusive editorial content, access to major UK Arts organisations and a range of video services including production and training.


Efficient Realtime Dashboard with Pusher WebHooks

Today we want to talk about a code update we have made on Panda, taking advantage of the Pusher web hooksreleased a few days ago.

This is a fantastic feature for us as it has considerably reduced the number of api calls made to Pusher, saving us bandwidth and money.

One of the great features of Panda is it’s real time dashboard. Panda can display the new encoding jobs, their progress, and your stats instantly with no effort. Thanks to Pusher, implementing this was really easy.

At such a scale the right design for your software is to separate your app into smaller apps, small apis and workers. In our case, the encoding dashboard is completely separated from the api but they share the same Pusher app. When an event occurs on Panda (like a job progress), the api triggers a Pusher Event and the web app reflect that change immediately.


Introducing stacks for advanced profiles

Friday we realeased a feature that we called Stacks. A stack is an encoding environment including a set of encoding tools and commands. This feature will provide us a way to upgrade ffmpeg without breaking your encoding commands.

The current stack, called 'corepack-1' is still the one used by default. The new stack we are introducing is called 'corepack-2' and brings speed plus lots of new formats and codecs.

If you are using some advanced profiles, you should consider:

  • using a Preset. They are easier to maintain and we provided lots of encoding options directly using either the web dashboard or the api.
    You can find the full documentation on our website
  • upgrading to the new stack. Your current encoding command might be incompatible with the new stack but it should be fairly easy to update it.
    You can find the full documentation on our website