Flip Timed Text Speech Quality Control Notifications

Getting started

At the core of Telestream Cloud is a REST API which supports file upload and management of encoding, transcription or quality check jobs.

Every Telestream Cloud account has a number of Factories or Projects. For Flip service, a Factory defines a single storage for your uploaded videos, resulting encodings and thumbnails. It also contains list of profiles that your content will be encoded to.

For Timed Tex Speech and Quality Control service each job is processed within Project that defines transcription language and settings or quality check template settings respectively.

Typically you will want to create a separate Factory or Project for each service you plan to integrate Telestream Cloud into. You can also use them to separate production and staging environments.

To access the API there are client libraries available in many languages: See all client libraries. Refer to the API Docs when using the API:

All API responses are JSON-formatted.

Telestream Cloud provides two ways of submitting files for processing. The first is by using the url of a media file anywhere on the web. The other method is by using our excellent Javascript uploader which supports seamless HTML5 and Flash uploads, automatically detected depending on the client’s browser.


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