Telestream Cloud Pricing

How Telestream Cloud pricing works

With Telestream Cloud you pay only for the individual service and only for what you use. It’s a simple consumption based model. If you need flexibility this is most likely what you’re looking for. However, if you’re interested in longer term contract with discount that comes with high volume usage, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Our services pricing uses concept of a billable minute which is basically a minute of output with optional multipliers based on quality and use of extra features. Base price of a minute varies depending on your subscription. For details check pricing pages for Flip, Timed Test Speech and Quality Control (to linki mają być).


Transcoding 100 minutes of MXF source to 1 MP4 HD output amounts to 200 billable minutes since there’s 2x multiplier for HD quality and $4 on our lowest subscription.
Transcoding 100 minutes of MXF source to 3 SD and 3 HD (2x multiplier) HLS variants amounts to 900 billable minutes (9x in total) and $18 on our lowest subscription.
Creating a transcription for 1000 minutes of media using custom vocabulary in Timed Text Speech amounts to 2000 billable minutes and $100.

We don’t charge anything for ingest. Additional transfer fees may apply if transferring files to a storage service from a different provider, FTP, or Aspera Enterprise Server.

Pay only for what you need and as long as you need

Forget about spending time and money on building or expanding your data center. If time and expenses for buying and administering video infrastructure doesn’t offer competitive advantage why should you devote resources to it?

All TC services are available on demand, don’t require long term contracts, there’s no complicated licensing involved. That allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs and stay flexible with your infrastructure limiting the risks of over provisioning or not having enough processing capacity.

Pay only for what you need
Use more, pay less

Use more, pay less

Telestream Cloud offers volume based discounts that help you save while consuming more of our services. Each service has enterprise level subscription available for customers needing large volume media processing. Another way to lower your bill is committing to fixed term contract with set package of minutes.
Long story short - as your TC usage needs increase, you benefit from the economies of scale that allow you to control your cost without impacting your business growth.

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