Quality Control

Start running quality and compliance checks within minutes
without software installation or hardware provisioning


Why use Quality Control as a Service?

Instant start with easy to use cloud based service, start QC test in minutes using web UI or API
Easily check your media for compliance with pre-configured templates for industry standards like UK DPP, ARD ZDF, Netflix, iTunes and many more
Quickly identify audio-video synchronization issues with unique capabilities of MulticoreWare Lip-Sync
Increase your content ROI and lower the costs related to rejection and correction of media files
Cut the time of delivering content thanks to automated QC that is part of the ingest and transcoding process
Focus on delivering pristine content to your customers while we manage the infrastructure for you
Who is it for?

Broadcasters, content creators and distributors who need to meet industry requirements for media delivery. Ideal for quality checks for inbound content from creators or outbound content submissions for OTT services like Netflix or public broadcasters who require strict compliance for:

  • format (codec, resolution, frame rate)
  • bitrate and audio channels configuration
  • video range, black levels, color gamut
  • specific layout (bars + black + program)
  • loudness levels (ATSC A/85, EBU R128)
  • quality levels (blockiness, letterboxing)
  • correct field order
How it works

Telestream Cloud Quality Control automates process of quality analysis for file-based media. As more and more file-based workflows move to the cloud offering a file-based QC process in the cloud is natural consequence.

  • Create QC Project that uses one of the available templates
  • Submit media file to the project through the UI or API
  • Telestream Cloud will run the QC checks to test the file compliance against the selected template
  • Preview video and detailed report (downloadable as PDF) with results for all checks is generated
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Automatic audio-video synchronization detection

MulticoreWare Lip-Sync uses deep learning and AI technology to analyze video and audio to mark your media files as in-sync or out-of-sync. Human faces in the media files are found and matched to human speech, allowing LipSync to detect errors that are not identified by current automated video quality control systems.

Watch the example video showing LipSync analyze media file where the audio is ahead of video.

Reduce the risk of delivering low quality content and try Telestream QC service now

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