Meet the requirements of the media & entertainment industry
with advanced media processing and workflow automation
powered by Vantage.​​
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Key Benefits

Leverage the high availability and scalability of the cloud to run your media workflows more efficiently.
Get instant access to collection of industry standard media workflows
Reduce operating costs with fully managed solution, no upfront infrastructure investments and no maintenance expenses
Streamline your media processing operations with automated API driven job submission
Add bursting capacity from existing on-premise facility
Get expert advice from Telestream Professional Services during on-boarding process
Pay only for what you use with flexible per minute pricing

What is Telestream Cloud Workflow?

Fully managed and always available SaaS solution to perform standards conversion, time adjustments, captioning, automated content production, metadata processing, analysis, delivery and more

Workflow utilizes Vantage technology components to bring transcoding, metadata processing, analysis and quality control into a single, unified system with intelligent workflow automation. It brings together its vast capabilities with the flexibility of the cloud.

If you’ve been thinking about moving your media processing to the cloud or expanding existing on-premise capacity, Telestream Cloud Workflow is perfect fit.

How to get started?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you through the whole on-boarding process:

  • migrate your current workflow to the cloud or design a new one to match your requirements
  • run and validate your media samples
  • come up with price estimate

It’s simple as that.

The pricing model

Price model is based on your actual usage. No more paying for the infrastructure you don’t need or use. You will only be charged for the number of output minutes you produce using Workflow. Price per minute is set individually for each workflow based on its complexity- which reflects how much CPU/GPU power is needed to process the job - and expected volume of content.

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Price per minute is set individually for each workflow based on its complexity and expected volume of content.
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