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Announcing Panda Turbo

Add more encoders to help clear short term spikes or hit deadlines.

We have exciting news for Panda users who need to scale up their capacity to encode more files simultaneously for a short term period.

Turbo mode means that you don’t have to upgrade your monthly plan – you simply buy what you need – and the additional encoders will automatically expire after the time selected.


When you log into your Panda account, on the Clouds page there is a link “Buy extra encoders for a defined time period”. You can then buy 4, 12, or 24 additional encoders for 12 to 48 hours.

Simply choose your two options and confirm. The additional charges will be added to your next monthly service charge and will be itemised in your receipt.

Our first step towards more flexible encoding.

This is our first step in introducing more flexibility into Panda based on discussions with our customers. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on Turbo mode, and suggestions for other improvements we can make to Panda in the future.

Any feedback good or bad please email

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