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Panda Now Supports Google Compute Engine – Experience Speed Increases Of Up To 50% Faster

Here at Copper, we’ve been busy working to bring you the best performance for your app. We’re really excited to announce that we have added Google Compute Engine as an encoding option to Panda.

panda-gceGoogle Compute Engine Benefits

With Panda being deployed on Google Compute Engine,  the result is astounding.  Encoding videos can be up to twice as fast as previous options. Our users can now experience speed increases of between 30% to 50% for standard encodings within Panda.

Google Cloud Storage

When users upload video to Panda and choose Google Compute Engine, it encodes via GCE and then we transfer it to your Amazon S3 account, just like always. In the near future, we’re going to add support for Google Cloud Storage for those of you  who would prefer to use it. If you are running on Google Cloud exclusively, you’ll soon be able to leverage it’s full benefits with Panda.

Panda optimized for Google Compute Engine

You’ve been asking for multi-cloud support and we’re delighted to be working with our partners at Google to get here today. We completely reimagined our deployment process to support GCE as we take advantages of the inherent infrastructure differences between public cloud vendors. Panda was originally built on certain features of the AWS infrastructure, so we went back to the core and re-wrote them to optimize for GCE. And now you can see the result of this in even faster encodings.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you the best in cloud video encoding. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help us do this, let us know at

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