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67 new reasons to use PandaStream encoding!

We’ve just released Corepack3 for PandaStream and this means there are 67 new updates that will be a big help when you use Pandastream to Encode your latest video or audio project. Some of these include:

Faster Encoding – super sonic Panda bears can now flood through to your S3 buckets faster than ever thanks to the work from the team on this latest upgrade.

panda upload image

Gif Encoding – Now place lots of thoroughly awesome .gifs on any device anywhere online.

Below is the full list of the latest updates to PandaStream in all of their 67 points of glory.

– curves filter
– reference-counting for AVFrame and AVPacket data
– ffmpeg now fails when input options are used for output file
or vice versa
– support for Monkey’s Audio versions from 3.93
– perms and aperms filters
– audio filtering support in ffplay
– 10% faster aac encoding on x86 and MIPS
– sine audio filter source
– WebP demuxing and decoding support
– new ffmpeg options -filter_script and -filter_complex_script, which allow a
filtergraph description to be read from a file
– audio phaser filter
– separatefields filter
– libquvi demuxer
– uniform options syntax across all filters
– telecine filter
– new interlace filter
– smptehdbars source
– inverse telecine filters (fieldmatch and decimate)
– colorbalance filter
– colorchannelmixer filter
– The matroska demuxer can now output proper verbatim ASS packets. It will
become the default at the next libavformat major bump.
– decent native animated GIF encoding
– asetrate filter
– interleave filter
– timeline editing with filters
– vidstabdetect and vidstabtransform filters for video stabilization using
the vid.stab library
– astats filter
– trim and atrim filters
– ffmpeg -t and -ss (output-only) options are now sample-accurate when
transcoding audio
– Matroska muxer can now put the index at the beginning of the file.
– extractplanes filter
– avectorscope filter
– ADPCM DTK decoder
– ADP demuxer
– RSD demuxer
– RedSpark demuxer
– ADPCM IMA Radical decoder
– zmq filters
– DCT denoiser filter (dctdnoiz)
– Wavelet denoiser filter ported from libmpcodecs as owdenoise (formerly “ow”)
– Apple Intermediate Codec decoder
– Escape 130 video decoder
– FTP protocol support
– V4L2 output device
– 3D LUT filter (lut3d)
– SMPTE 302M audio encoder
– support for slice multithreading in libavfilter
– Hald CLUT support (generation and filtering)
– VC-1 interlaced B-frame support
– support for WavPack muxing (raw and in Matroska)
– XVideo output device
– vignette filter
– True Audio (TTA) encoder
– Go2Webinar decoder
– mcdeint filter ported from libmpcodecs
– sab filter ported from libmpcodecs
– ffprobe -show_chapters option
– WavPack encoding through libwavpack
– rotate filter
– spp filter ported from libmpcodecs
– libgme support
– psnr filter

Thanks for making it all the way down this list. This image is just for you to say thanks for being a champ and getting to this point!

Dream Panda

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