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Pandastream Video Encoding joins Copper

A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down and proceeds to order everything on the menu. When it comes to pay the bill, the panda pulls a gun and shoots the waiter. What eats shoots and leaves? Yep.

So – with that pointful introduction – the real news is that the awesome Pandastream video encoding product has joined us in

What is Panda? 

Panda was developed by the guys at MediaCore in 2007, having seen a gap in the market for, as they put it, an elegant video platform. With the launch of AWS, they got to work on creating a service that would let customers add user video uploading and streaming into their applications.

Panda is a powerful, yet flexible tool that supports the majority, if not all of the latest audio and video codecs on the market, including (here’s a full list). Panda has some great customers including SAP, JWT, McCann Worldgroup, MIT and is growing solidly month over month. One thing users love about Panda is that pricing is based on speed of encoding (1x / 2x / 4x and so on) rather than minutes, which can be much more cost effective.

Panda has been created to be easy to use yet remain powerful and flexible. You can upload to Panda from your own web application, using their REST API or by utilising Panda’s easy to use web interface, allowing you to view videos in full HD on any browser and device.

Damien Tanner, founder of Panda said “I’m delighted to be handing over Panda to the experienced team at Copper. Panda was launched many years ago in the early days of SaaS infrastructure platforms. It rapidly became a leader in cost effective and highly configurable video encoding. As part of the Copper family, Panda will be improved upon and live alongside the terrific other developer tools that Copper offers.”


We run and manage apps – ourselves and for a lot of developers. We used PandaStream for our video transcoding needs to great effect, and we know this is an area our users often have needs in too. We love bringing best-of-breed tools to the market – and in a modern application stack – sending video to multiple platforms is a core component for many.

What’s next for Panda? 

We’ll be investing consistently in supporting and extending Panda. We’d like to work closely with users to learn more about their business and requirements and let that shape our roadmap. We’ll be offering hands-on support and on-boarding help too. Basically – Panda is here for the long haul; and we’re here to be helpful; anything we do, we’ll do in a really thoughtful way and in consultation with our users.

Wrap up… 

So if you want to learn more about Panda and what it can do for you – check it out, or feel free to contact us at or phone (866) 233-3187, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions in relation to both Panda and any other products.You can signup to a free trial today and start encoding…!

We’re really excited to have Panda join our team and stack.

All the team at



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